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Are you doing it for love, or doing it for money? Why you can’t do both and still fulfill your Life Purpose.Life Purpose Doing it for Love or Money

Why can’t I do both, you’re asking?

You can do both, but tell me how that felt to you when you read it.

Was your reaction:

Whhaaaat? Why can’t I? This chick’s full of it!

Or was it more like,

“Yep. I knew it – I can’t have it both ways.”

In answer to your next question, “No. I’m not talking about pimping yourself out, but pimpin’ may play into it.”

Let’s tell a pimp story.

Have you ever “ho’d yourself out?” (Careful, don’t answer that too quickly).

The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word “Prostitute,” is someone who sells their body for money.

Well, in doing some research on archetypes, I discovered something fascinating – an archetype that plays a role in all of our lives -The Prostitute.

There are many different archetypes and while the roles they all play in our lives vary, The Prostitute is a big star in all of our lives. She comes into play when our survival is threatened.

Mmmm hmmm. You seeing where I’m going with this?

When I was reading about this archetype, the author shared a story about a beautiful, vivacious woman working as an Executive Assistant. For no particular reason she could think of, one day her boss invited her to a cocktail party with a new client. Soon she was being invited more often.

One day a co-worker asked her if she had to “do anything at these parties.” At that point she realized that although she wasn’t being pimped out in the literal sense, her boss did seem to invite her along when bad news needed to be shared with the clients; and she was the lucky one who got to share the information.

Alright, so that explains what pimpin’ has to do with it, but what does it have to do with my Life Purpose?

All archetypes are basically neutral, but they have a light and shadow aspect.

The shadow side of the Prostitute often manifests when you’re stuck in a job you hate. You stay there, even though you’re miserable for some reason – like keeping food on the table.

It always comes down to survival when you’re dealing with this archetype.

I also happen to know from personal experience, that when your Soul starts Calling, you’re going to find yourself miserable in a lot of jobs. Because you have a life purpose to fulfill – and its call will get louder and louder until you finally hear it.

So what are you going to do? Are you gonna keep pimpin yourself out, or are you going to get started on fulfilling that life purpose.

I’m not telling you to quit your job; I’m telling you to start exploring things that are more meaningful to you.

Although the light side of the prostitute archetype is actually faith, I don’t encourage anyone to quit their job until their business has begun to show some profit. I talk about that in my new workbook, Soul Calling (hot off the press today, folks).

Corporate America is the Ultimate Pimp

One of the things you’ll explore in Soul Calling, are things that anger you or rile you up. Corporate America is one of these for me, and knowing that has gone a long way toward helping me get clear on “what the hell I’m doing here.”

I worked as a Legal Assistant for ten years, as well as working for a large, well-known (and OLD) corporation prior to that. Corporate America just seems to keep getting worse and worse (OMG – don’t get me started).

I will just quickly say, and then I’m moving on, that to me, Corporate America is very much like a pimp – they work your ass off, keep most of the money and throw you a beating when you don’t do as you’re told. This might explain the “Corporate Reform School” in my Soul Biz School.

If you want to see the power of working with archetypes in action, check out this video: The Power of Working with Archetypes

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