Tony Robbins What They Don’t Teach You About Fear

Tony Robbins: What they don’t teach you about overcoming fear

If you hang out with me for very long, you’ll discover I have a humongous career crush on Tony Robbins. I absolutely adore him for all his does for people.

So many people have (or at least, HAD) a pre-conceived notion of him as someone who cares about nothing but making money from his products and programs. However, I have found this to be directly opposite to my own perception of him.

Just watching the videos he offers for free online has been life- and career-altering for me. (See below for my particular “a-ha moments.”

My Tony Robbins “a-ha” Moments in this Video:

5:08 – Breakthrough moment

“Why? Why is it a must for you?”

Also, using stories and inspirational figures to obtain a “Peak State”


6:00 – Change Your Standard

  • Finding your why
  • Daily ritual
  • One step at a time

9:05 Belief determines potential

Bad beliefs are poisonous and self-fulfilling

Getting into a State of Certainty

14:22 Best part of the video, in my opinion

Burn the Bridges

NBA example – the power of the mind.

Fear and how it holds you back

If you’re struggling in business, or in life, I can say with near-certainty that fear is at the very core of the matter.

I’ve seen it too many times – and I’ve experienced it – to believe it isn’t true.

What can you do to overcome fear in your life?

What is one action you can take today that scares the holy living hell out of you?

What can you do to gain courage?

Just a suggestion:

How about watching inspirational videos like this every day might help you to create massive results?

I do!

Yours in Revolutionary Business,




P.S. Let me know your thoughts – especially your “aha” moments in the comments below.

P.P.S. (I could talk watch Tony Robbins videos all day *with dreamy expression on face*). Did I mention I have a Career Crush on Tony Robbins?

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