The Power of Working with Archetypes

Tony Robbins: The Power Working with Archetypes

Archetype 350Archetypes are an element of the collective unconscious, according to Jungian psychology. They are elements of the collective unconscious seen throughout time and culture in art, myths, religion and dreams.

Jung’s intuition that there was more to the psyche than individual experience might have begun in Jung’s childhood. The first dream he could remember was of an underground phallic god.

This, along with his research on psychotic patients and self-analysis, supported this idea that there is a universal psychic structure that underlies all human experience and behavior.

Jung also studied what is called “Shadow.” His initial research indicated that Shadow was an archetype on its own. Later reasearch indicates that Shadow is what some think of as “the dark side” of all the different archetypes and explains subconscious behavior that most of the time we don’t even notice.

There are many different archetypes, but four that are shared by every one of us: The Child, The Victim, The Saboteur and The Prostitute. All of these archetypes are there to protect you, however misled their efforts may be. Working with shadow is a powerful tool in overcoming limiting beliefs and subconscious ideas that cause struggle in our lives and difficulty attaining our goals.

For instance, The Prostitute is not as dark as it sounds and in actuality is a representation of faith. So long as you have faith that you will be taken care of by The Divine, the chance that you will sell out your values are minimal. Once you lose faith, shadow comes into play and you find yourself doing things that may surprise you.

Working with Shadow is something I often use in my Coaching Practice as I’ve had very good results using it myself.

In the video I share here, you’ll see the power of working with the light and shadow side of a few different archetypes: The Lover, The Sovereign, The Magician. The results will astound you.

This video was shot on September 11, 2001 – the day the Twin Towers went down. Tony was doing a seminar in Hawaii and rather than cancel, decided to use this experience to help the audience come to terms with the tragedy.

I’ve known for a few years now that Tony Robbins is a Life Coach, but I wasn’t aware until recently that he first coined the phrase, “Life Coach.”

Although I make no claim to being as effective as Tony, this video is an outstanding example of what a good Life Coach can do for you.

Also, the modality Tony uses for much of his work is NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming. I’m honored to say, It’s the same modality I’m trained in.

Watching Tony Robbins in action makes me proud to call myself a Life Coach.

If you’ve been wondering what the hell, exactly a Life Coach is, wonder no more. Sit back and watch the Master in action. You’ll be amazed.

Below the video, I’ve included key points for you to watch in the video.

Be sure to check out the spoiler alert!

58:00 The thing that made my jaw drop begins

59:00 Tony explains what an archetype is and begins to work with them.

Warning: Spoiler alert!

1:14:46 Tony is moved to tears

If you have the time, I strongly suggest you watch this video all the way through. If you don’t have a couple of hours to burn, start at 59 minutes.

(Seriously, I would bookmark this page, block out 2 hours in your calendar to watch it and then DO IT).

To see the result of these two men – polar opposites – an American Jew and American Arab ON September 11, after the Twin Towers went down is heart-warming and awe-inspiring.


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