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Testimonials for Merry Wise, Business Muse and NLP Certified Life Coach:

I have been working with Mary this year on Web Site issues and I want to recommend her highly for her work. Her understanding of business issues is thorough and creative. If you are just starting out your business, let her be your “Start Up Guru” and get your business on track. Karen Holick, Executive Sales Coach, Hamilton, VA

When I was invited to attend Merry’s ‘Embrace your Inner Pricing Genius’ webinar, it was not only timely but profoundly powerful in shifting old beliefs. Since then, I’ve had deep revelations around my own money blocks and even developed a new offering for my site based on uncovering blocks in others.

In this session, Merry encourages us to confidently celebrate and claim our value in order to reflect how our work helps others to transform their lives. She offers concrete examples to work through the concepts of benefits vs features, and asks probing questions to get to the root of your doubts and fears around pricing. The information is grounded in practical terms and at the same time keeps in mind the special pricing needs of those who work in more spiritually-based fields. The formulas she provides for getting to ‘real’ numbers are simple yet powerful, and help to bring the concept of pricing into a more tangible form.

One of the revelations I had after the experience reminded me how valuable my gifts are in the world, and that I’ve been placed in divine trust with other beings who work beside me as guides and teachers. To dishonour the value of my work would be to dishonour this sacred trust, and to disrespect the fact that I’ve been given these specific gifts to be of service to the planet. That is PRICELESS.

Jenny Griffin, intuitive guide and mentor, The Power of Change

Thanks Merry Wise for an amazing ABUNDANCE pow-wow! It certainly helped me understand why I am here as a service provider and what I need to do to take charge of my 2014 resolution: taking responsibility for my independence. You gave me courage to keep pursuing my soul path and that my dear firefly is a benefit that we all can embrace.

If anyone needs Prosperity or Business Accountability coaching, Merry is truly passionate and has so much flare and flavor to spice up your bank account! Bernard Charles, Bernard Talks

I am so impressed with what a manifesting, go-getter, turning ideas into action vortex this woman is. Be sure to check out her site. If you need help getting beyond envisioning and on to action taking for your online or offline business, Merry may be just the coaching catalyst for you. – Miche, Meizner, Eugene, OR

Merry Wise has a unique and effective way to help you reach your goals. Note: this is a true blue referral; I’m not getting paid or anything… I just believe in her and was wowwed by our short session together:) You rock, Merry! ~Eva Enns, Denver, CO

Merry is inspirational, knowledgeable and truly cares about making a difference in people’s lives. ~Hortensia P.

Thanks so much for just letting me vent and journal and work through this with you!   I was struggling inside pretty much all day. Going from feeling confident and rockstar-ish to “yikes, I feel sooo uneasy!” When I got back, I could honestly feel my vibe had shifted from tentative and nervous to just happy and peaceful.  You really are an AMAZING coach!” ~ Mel

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