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Entrepreneur Quiz 277x350Take the Entrepreneur Quiz and Quench Your Craving for Soul-Fulfilling Business Once and For All

More and more it’s becoming a common belief that each of us has a mission in life – a Life Purpose to fulfill.

Only once you discover that mission, will you ever find fulfillment.

You may think it’s that next great relationship, fantastic lover, new car, new house or new job. But what happens to 99.9% of people is that once they reach that goal, they still have a deep and profound sense of emptiness.

[bctt tweet=”It’s not until you know yourself that you can possibly know your mission.”]

Perhaps this is the reason you’ve suffered a series of soul-sucking jobs, or find that you’ve broken through the glass ceiling to reach the top of the corporate ladder, only to find it’s against the wrong wall.


Here’s a Revelation for You:

[bctt tweet=”A series of soul-sucking jobs is indicative that your soul is craving more meaning and contribution.”]

I know that was the case for me.

Even after I took the leap and launched my own business, while exhilarating, it was stressful and still felt as if something was missing.

I wasn’t making the big splash and contribute the meaning I had been longing for.

  • My soul was still in hiding.
  • I still felt a bit directionless.
  • I was lacking much-needed clarity regarding my mission
  • I wasn’t showing up as who I really BE.

Because I didn’t really know who i was.

Once I made that one simple discovery, everything shifted. The light bulb was on – and it wasn’t packing some amperage.

That’s why I created the Entrepreneur Quiz.

Life without purpose is empty. The Entrepreneur Quiz is your first step in creating soul-fulfillment.

Once you gain some clarity around who you BE, defining your mission becomes easier.

It creates a glorious chain reaction that leads you directly to…

What a soul-fulfilling business looks like for you – not the business everyone else has, or the one you’ve been hearing you should have – but one that lights you up like a Blue Moon on Easter Sunday.


What you’ve been missing is you – the authentic reflection of your soul.

While you’re here, don’t forget to order your in-depth Entrepreneur Persona Report (It’s free).

I created it to give you more clarity and an even deeper understanding of what moves you. You don’t want to miss out!

Chances are great that the results of your Entrepreneur Quiz will not give you complete clarity. While you may identify with parts of it, others may not seem quite right.

That’s because the Quiz reveals your Primary Business Persona. You’ll also identify with varying degrees with parts of the other Entrepreneur Personas. The Entrepreneur Persona report will help you to create a more accurate picture of who you are overall.

A Nurturing Entrepreneur who leans toward Born Entrepreneur will find fulfillment in a much different way than will a Nurturer with a second-in-command of Managing Entrepreneur.

A few things to keep in mind…

Don’t put too much thought into answering the questionslet your intuition guide you as much as possible. (In other words, “Go with your gut.”)

Choose the first answer that pops into your head – don’t overthink it.

Legal Stuff:

In-Depth Entrepreneur Persona ReportNote: The Entrepreneur Quiz is not intended to be used as psychological diagnosis or a definitive direction for your entrepreneurial business. It is for entertainment purposes only and intended solely as a tool to help you identify who you are in business and give you suggestions and ideas regarding what businesses you may enjoy creating. You are responsible for any action you take in your business based on the results of The Entrepreneur Quiz. Please see my disclaimer for complete details.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get started!


P.S. Click the image on the right to receive your in-depth Entrepreneur Persona report. (It will open in a new window so the quiz will be right here waiting for you.) If you wanna skip it, just scroll past it to begin the quiz.)

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