Music Muse: What Are You Waiting For?

Music Muse Soul Speak
Music Muse Speaks to Soul

Music Muse Speaks to Soul

I’m currently taking a class that is teaching us to look for our archetype.

It turns out that this idea is not new; it’s a Jungian idea and you’ll certainly be hearing more about here over the course of our time together.

One of the archetypes I identified with is Mnemosyne. Mnemosyne is not one of the Greek Goddesses commonly spoken about. I wasn’t really sure why I identified with her so strongly, but as I’ve allowed it to sink in, it’s all becoming more clear to me.

My Music Muse

Secret Shit about me: I don’t consider myself a musician, although I did play the trumpet, clarinet and flute as a teen.

I don’t consider myself an artist, but I was pretty good in Art Class and even won a few blue ribbons with my drawings.

What about you; do you have a Music Muse?

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