Getting What You Want First Secret

Welcome to the First Secret in my free 5 Secrets for Getting What You Want Mini-Course. 

5 Secrets Lesson 1

Yay – you’re here!!

Yesterday, I announced my free mini-course: 5 Secrets for Getting What You Want where I shared with you what you can expect from this course and your first step in creating the kind of life you can completely fall in love with.

If you missed the first step and wonder what this is all about, check it out here: How to Get What You Want

If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed (or maybe even unimpressed) with life as you know it, you’re going to love this course!


Throughout the course, I’ll be offering free coaching here on my blog – it’s easy to take advantage of – just leave a comment!

If you prefer not to air your deep, dark secrets for all the world to see, click here to join my top secret, free Facebook Community – Loving Life – where we encourage and support one another in the comfort of knowing it’s “for our eyes only.”

Rather than make you sign up to receive a single handout from me on how to live live on your terms (that’s what this course is really about), I decided to offer it as a course live and in-person, on my blog for a couple of reasons.

  1. I know that you’re probably just as overwhelmed with your email inbox as I am.
  2. I know how easy it is to get super excited about some new offer and put your name and email in that inviting little form, and then forget all about it.

By offering it here, you have the option of taking advantage of the goodness without signing up for anything, AND…

Since it’s split into 5 parts, you’re more likely to actually do something with it.

I know, it’s counter-intuitive, isn’t it?

But it works.

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How to Get What You Want

5 Secrets for Getting What You Want Free Mini-Course

5 Secrets IntroYou’re About To Discover 5 Secrets For Making Any Change or Achieving Any Goal (Like Losing,Weight, Finding Love, or Starting a Business) That Will Make Things Happen Faster & Easier Than Ever Before …

Hello and welcome to my 5 Secrets for Getting What You Want Mini-Course

My name is Merry Wise and I’m a Life Enthusiast + Certified Life Coach.

First, why would you be interested in taking this course?

Because it will change your life forever – in the best way you could possibly dream of.

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Entrepreneur Quiz

Take the Entrepreneur Quiz and Quench Your Craving for Soul-Fulfilling Business Once and For All More and more it’s becoming a common belief that each of us has a mission in life – a Life Purpose to fulfill. Only once you discover that mission, will you ever find fulfillment. You may think it’s that next great … Read moreEntrepreneur Quiz

Free Business Tools to Ease Stress in Business

free business tools
Making your life easier with free business tools.

There’s a lot to running an online business. By now, you may know I’m pretty much completely non-conformist. I have been since I was about two.

I don’t expect it to change anytime soon.

One thing I really hate is SEO. It rains on my parade and just generally pisses me off. (For those who are asking yourself, “Wtf is SEO?” Stick with me – I’ll explain later in this post).

That being said, it IS a necessary evil; I just choose to focus on it a little differently than others. But that’s a post for another day. For now, I hope you’ll agree with me that…

Free business tools rock – even if they are designed around SEO. In fact, that might even make them better.

That’s what I’m sharing here today (I’m so excited)!

Seriously, I never thought there would come a day when I would actually be excited about a tool that helps me with SEO, but mark your calendars, folks; today’s the day.

What this fancy little business tool of all business tools is…

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