Your Life Purpose | Doing it for Love

Are you doing it for love, or doing it for money? Why you can’t do both and still fulfill your Life Purpose.Life Purpose Doing it for Love or Money

Why can’t I do both, you’re asking?

You can do both, but tell me how that felt to you when you read it.

Was your reaction:

Whhaaaat? Why can’t I? This chick’s full of it!

Or was it more like,

“Yep. I knew it – I can’t have it both ways.”

In answer to your next question, “No. I’m not talking about pimping yourself out, but pimpin’ may play into it.”

Let’s tell a pimp story.

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The Power of Working with Archetypes

Tony Robbins: The Power Working with Archetypes

Archetype 350Archetypes are an element of the collective unconscious, according to Jungian psychology. They are elements of the collective unconscious seen throughout time and culture in art, myths, religion and dreams.

Jung’s intuition that there was more to the psyche than individual experience might have begunĀ in Jung’s childhood. The first dream he could remember was of an underground phallic god.

This, along with his research on psychotic patients and self-analysis, supported this idea that there is a universal psychic structure that underlies all human experience and behavior.

Jung also studied what is calledĀ “Shadow.” His initial research indicated that Shadow was an archetype on its own. Later reasearch indicates that Shadow is what some think of as “the dark side” of all the different archetypes and explains subconscious behavior that most of the time we don’t even notice.

There are many different archetypes, but four that are shared by every one of us: The Child, The Victim, The Saboteur and The Prostitute. All of these archetypes are there to protect you, however misled their efforts may be. Working with shadow is a powerful tool in overcoming limiting beliefs and subconscious ideas that cause struggle in our lives and difficulty attaining our goals.

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