How to Get What You Want

5 Secrets for Getting What You Want Free Mini-Course

5 Secrets IntroYou’re About To Discover 5 Secrets For Making Any Change or Achieving Any Goal (Like Losing,Weight, Finding Love, or Starting a Business) That Will Make Things Happen Faster & Easier Than Ever Before …

Hello and welcome to my 5 Secrets for Getting What You Want Mini-Course

My name is Merry Wise and I’m a Life Enthusiast + Certified Life Coach.

First, why would you be interested in taking this course?

Because it will change your life forever – in the best way you could possibly dream of.

One of my former coaches always says, “Coaching is the most powerful force in the world.”

I believe he’s right.

How To Get What You Want

Do you ever (or maybe often) feel like life is a constant struggle?

Whew! I remember that feeling well.

Lucky for me, I discovered the wonderful world of coaching and just exactly how possible it is to change my life for the better.

Life just wasn’t going the way I wanted and my love relationships in particular, were a mess. I won’t give you all the gory details here. What I do want to share is how the relationship coach I discovered changed my life.

You see, she didn’t just coach me to a healthier relationship with men, she taught me the key to a healthier relationship with myself. It was a wild roller coaster ride of getting to know myself in a profound way. She didn’t teach me to treat my partner with more respect, she taught me to treat MYSELF with more respect.

She taught me to look at things differently. If you’ve read my last post, you’ll see how this helped me to navigate some pretty treacherous waters with my family recently. (If you missed it, you can read it here: On Role Playing and Empowerment)

Without knowing the things I’m about to teach you in this course, I’d still be curled up in a tight little ball on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably and wondering how to get my life back on course.

Speaking of Empowerment…

Have you ever wondered just what “empowerment” is, or how to “become empowered?”

Empowerment, simply stated, is taking responsibility for yourself; your actions, and how those actions are affecting your life. In a nutshell, it’s accepting that…

[bctt tweet=”The only person you can change is you.”]

In grasping this, and in taking back the power in your life, you begin to be empowered to do the things you want to do; to create positive results in your life, rather than wallowing in self-pity and feelings of, “I can’t.”

When I began to take responsibility for my life and to realize that things weren’t happening TO me, they were happening as a result of my thinking, everything changed.

In the 5 Secrets for Getting What You Want Mini-Course, we won’t be focusing on making changes to your mindset, we’ll be focusing on taking action. Your thinking will naturally shift as a result of these actions.

How to Finally Make Big Changes – For Good

Many people don’t understand what life coaching is really all about. Because of the amazing impact it had on my life, I put together 5 Secrets to give you a taste of how Life Coaching can empower you.

It teaches you a different way to look at things; it gives you back your power and puts you in the driver’s seat in your life.

Rather than lying on the couch, analyzing your life and how things in your life have impacted you, it focuses on helping you discover what you really want – and then how to make it happen.

In this mini-course, I intend to give you a taste of self-empowerment.

I want you to realize that if you don’t like things the way they are today, you can change them.

I’ll be sharing with you five powerful secrets to make the change you’ve been seeking in your life quickly – once and for all!

I’m excited about it! I hope you are, too!

Feeling Stuck, Discouraged and Frustrated?

Creating rapid, lasting change can be extremely challenging.

If you’ve been trying for some time to:

  • lose weight,
  • find a relationship,
  • start a business,
  • get your business starter,
  • or change something else in your life…

…you know just how frustrating this process can be. You might feel totally stuck, discouraged, or even wonder if it’s just not going to happen for you.

It’s totally understandable to feel this kind of frustration.

Most of us have never been taught that there are a few simple and incredibly effective steps we can take to completely transform and simplify the process of making changes – the steps I’m about to share with you here.

In fact, you may have seen other people in your life struggle with making changes as well, and you might have wondered if maybe this unsuccessful struggle is just normal – just “how it is”. Sometimes, we unconsciously start to accept the idea that change is really hard, not fun, or even, in some cases, impossible.

I, too, struggled to move forward and make changes in my life for many years. I was frustrated and discouraged, and considered giving up on the goals and dreams I had – like creating my coaching business – more than a few times, until I discovered and put into practice the 5 secrets I’m about to share with you in this course.

I want you to know that change can, in fact, happen easily and almost effortlessly. And the feeling of achieving those goals and changes is deeply satisfying – it feels great!

I want you to experience that same sense of happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction when you make that change you really want in your life. That’s why I’m sharing these secrets here, so that you can get started right now to create the successful life you want and deserve.

That’s why I decided, rather than create a handout for you, to share these 5 Secrets for Getting What You Want as a mini-course so you can get some free coaching from me.

Tomorrow I will share the first secret, along with some tips on getting to: Clarity.

Clarity is uber important. In the words of T. Harv Ecker:

The number one reason people don’t get what want is – they don’t know what they want.

And I say… the more clarity you have around what you want, the faster you’ll get it – just the way you want it!

For today, get started thinking about one thing you want to change in your life; losing weight, finding love, growing your business, getting started…

Whatever you’ve been thinking you want to be different in your life – or you wish you knew HOW to make it different, write it down.

I don’t want you suffering from overwhelm during this course, plus it’s more effective to focus on one thing at a time, so choose just one thing.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to share with you how to get more clear on how you want that to look.

If you don’t want to wait until tomorrow to get started, simply click on the picture of the course below and then give me your contact info. I’ll zip your first lesson right right over to you + an invitation to join my top secret Facebook community, Loving Life, where we support and share with one another in a safe, loving community. (And you don’t have to worry about the entire world reading your deep, dark secrets).

If you don’t want to opt-in, I totally get it – and you don’t have to. You can also receive free coaching from me by asking your questions in the comments right here on the blog. Just enter your questions or comment below and I’ll get back to you with an answer. (Note: You can choose to use a Facebook comment – just uncheck the “Post to Facebook” box if you don’t want your question broadcast all over FB. Or, you can use your Google ID. This will save you the drudgery of entering a name and email address. You can also use the default comments which will not connect to any of your accounts – and I’ll never share your contact info. The choice is yours.)

I’m looking forward to chatting with you soon!





P.S. Remember…I’m all about options. If you’re ready to finally start creating change in your life and watch those changes stick, you have two options:

  1. Join me in my Loving Life top secret Facebook group, where we share all our dirty little secrets in a warm, safe environment + support and encourage one another in transforming our lives into something that feels nothing short of miraculous, (+ receive your first secret immediately), or;
  2. Come back here tomorrow for your first secret in ending the vicious cycle of struggle in your life.

Either way, thanks for being here! I’m looking forward to hearing you and in the near future…

Hearing your success story!

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