Friday the Thirteenth, Bigotry and Money Woes

What do Friday the Thirteenth Superstitions, Bigotry and Money Woes Have in Common?

Fuchsia Friday the Thirteenth

Let’s start with FEAR!

You’ve probably heard by now that we fear what we don’t understand.

But does this have to do with money woes?

They’re deep, they’re subconscious and they’ve likely been ingrained in us since we were wee ones sitting at our daddy’s knee. That’s what.

Today’s video deals with bigotry and I absolutely adore it, because like me, it’s a little unorthodox. It thinks outside of the box. More importantly, it gives me hope for our future.

People are becoming more aware. They’re waking up and seeing things in a new way.

That’s what I want for you. My mission in life, of bringing light to the dark recesses of your subconscious, so you can make conscious change, is being realized.

I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Watch the video below, and then be sure to share with me your thoughts in the comments below. I’ve made it ultra easy to comment using a number of social profiles, so you don’t need to fill out any of those pesky little forms (or you can fill out the form. Your choice. Just leave a comment.)

Oh – and be sure to watch it all the way through. It’s a short 8 minutes, and they save the best for last.

Three More Things Friday the Thirteenth, Bigotry and Money Woes Have in Common

  • False beliefs
  • Inner Barriers
  • Feeling undeserving

All of this is covered in the video, but how does it apply to you and your business, exactly…

What inner beliefs are you carrying that are no longer serving you especially as it applies to your business and/or money?

How can you overcome these inner barriers and give yourself space for something that serves you better?

Where do the feelings of not deserving anything better lurk?

For the purposes of this post, I’ll focus on the related work I did this morning – Money Woes…

How many of your Money Woes are due to things you were taught as a child?

How much of it is so ingrained in you and so habitual by now that you don’t even stop to think about it?

The woman in the video says she has this attitude (that doesn’t serve her) because it’s what her mother taught her.

I’ll share with you one thing that has been affecting my relationship with money:

My mom was never at peace with money. Her approach to money was as if there would never be any more of it than what she had that day. It’s no big surprise that I discovered the same inner belief that has caused me no less horror, fear and stress than Friday the Thirteenth the Movie┬ádid when I first watched it at the age of thirteen. (Interesting coincidence.)

All this time I’ve associated money with stress and worry. Of late, I’ve become perfectly clear that Money has never been the problem – Lack of Money has.

I’m coming to peace with the idea that money is a never-ending resource that there’s plenty of to go around. How does that sit with you?

It’s all about shifting your money beliefs and believing you deserve the peace and joy that money can bring. Money is not a villain (for more on that click here: Money is an Evil Genius.)

I could carry on and on about this – and I’ll certainly share more in the future. But for now…

My shift for today is going from:

I’m not good with money,” to…

“I’m good with money and money is good with me. Or, as a dear friend of mine put it: “Money is my homey!”

Choose an inner belief today and begin to shift it. Choose today to start creating something better than you dared dream of.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Fuchsia Friday post and that it’s caused you to think and see things a little differently. Until next time, I am…

Yours in Abundance,



Bold + Unorthodox Dream Champion

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2 thoughts on “Friday the Thirteenth, Bigotry and Money Woes

  1. This is such a timely post Merry! I just had a breakthrough last night about why I’ve kept excess weight on my body for the past 5 years: limiting belief’s. Because of a family member who used to tell me that I wasn’t sexy unless I was skinny, I had carried the fear of being skinny for way too long. Crazy, I know! I had hated the attention from the family member and it had caused my weight gain. I’ve heard of this happening to other women before, so I know I’m not alone.

    As children, the adults in our lives have such powerful influence on our belief’s. And then as adults, we’re picking up the pieces, trying to put ourselves back together. But I guess that’s why we’re here: to experience the journey.

    • Yay for synchronicity Keri!
      I don’t find this crazy at all. Actually, keeping (or putting on) weight as a form of self-protection is accepted even in the mental health community.

      You’re absolutely correct about picking up the pieces. The most difficult part I think is discovering all the limiting beliefs. They become so habitual that many times we have to really dig deep to uncover them. But… I find it so exhilarating when I have a break-through that it almost makes it worth it.

      Thanks for stopping by, leaving a comment and the inspiration you provided by sharing the video!


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