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free business tools
Making your life easier with free business tools.

There’s a lot to running an online business. By now, you may know I’m pretty much completely non-conformist. I have been since I was about two.

I don’t expect it to change anytime soon.

One thing I really hate is SEO. It rains on my parade and just generally pisses me off. (For those who are asking yourself, “Wtf is SEO?” Stick with me – I’ll explain later in this post).

That being said, it IS a necessary evil; I just choose to focus on it a little differently than others. But that’s a post for another day. For now, I hope you’ll agree with me that…

Free business tools rock – even if they are designed around SEO. In fact, that might even make them better.

That’s what I’m sharing here today (I’m so excited)!

Seriously, I never thought there would come a day when I would actually be excited about a tool that helps me with SEO, but mark your calendars, folks; today’s the day.

What this fancy little business tool of all business tools is…

…is a free headline generator.

Y’see, headlines really are the Mother of SEO. (And I don’t mean that in a coarse, vulgar way. They really ARE where good SEO begins).

With this fancy little tool, you just enter a few key terms:

  • what problem your content (or product) helps with
  • who your intended audience is
  • the topic
  • the desired result

And a couple other little details, push the little button and voila! Out pops a whole crap-load of possible headlines you can use to generate some buzz around whatever you’re writing about.

How friggin’ cool is that?! A basically mindless SEO tool.

Here’s where you can find it: Free Business Tools Rock!

Here are a few of the choices it gave me for today’s email (and the free report I’m creating and about to offer you):

“Controversial, New Document Reveals The Unknown Free Business Tools Secret That Could Be THE Missing Link To Appeasing The SEO Gods Quickly And Easily!”

“…Real No Bull Facts About Free Business Tools, Explained In Layman’s Terms By One Of The World’s Top Free Business Tools Expert…”

“Introducing The Amazing New Free Business Tools Program That’s The Laziest Way To Quickly And Easily Appease The SEO Gods – Works Almost Any Place, Anytime, Anywhere… Avoid Having Your Writing Muse Rained On By SEO!”

Okay, so some of those may be a little dramatic, but it generated 99 of them for me to look at; in a matter of about 5 seconds. So I say, it’s pretty amazing.

Now, for those of you who were asking, “WTF is SEO and why do I need business tools for it?”

You’re either new to business or have been hiding under a rock, Love. (Hey! It’s possible! And God bless you for being saved from the Dreaded SEO, if that’s the case).

If that IS the case, I feel so bad, because I’m about to totally ruin your day. (Sorry! Sometimes this online business stuff sucks!)

SEO is the common Tech Geek term for “Search Engine Optimization.”

I hate it because it rains the f*@# all over my muse when I’m in the midst of some in-depth post about… whatever.

You can do a search on google to find out more about SEO, or:

  • You can check out my program, The 100 Keyword Exercise (which is currently on Super Hot Sale), or…
  • You can check out the details of a win-win situation I’ve decided to make happen for both of us (I’ll share that in the report I’m about to tell you about right. About. Now….)
  • and/or, you can pop your contact info in the form at the bottom of this post to receive the report I just decided to create.

So basically, I guess you can either:

  1. Do the research
  2. Buy the 100 Keyword Exercise, or
  3. Sign up for that free report!

See how I made that so easy?

(There’s just too much shtuff on SEO to share in this post. Unless you’re ok with reading a few thousand words. The SEO gods would not be too happy though – so I guess you’re going to have to wait for that report).

In the report I’ll share some basics on what SEO is and some business tools I use to appease the gods.

Only to extent absolutely necessary though, because, did I mention:

  • I’m non-conformist
  • I’m kinda lazy
  • I like having time for fun
  • Sometimes I just like to say, “Meh. The gods can deal.”

In the meantime, pop your email into the fancy, handy-dandy little form right there below ya. I’ll forward it on to you as soon as I get it all dressed in its finery.

Yours in non-conformism,


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