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Anything and Everything You Could Possibly Desire to Design Your Life – Just the Way You Want it!

Are you tired of struggling with life?

With feeling ill-at-ease and wondering what the hell you’re missing?

First, let me say, it’s not you. We all have obstacles to overcome. It’s part of our learning experience.

And I’ve always said,

You can’t enjoy the sunshine without a little rain.

I’m betting you’re ready for a little more sunshine, and a little less rain, am I right?

Or at least to figure out what it is, exactly, that the hard times do for you. What do they mean?

And what the heck are you supposed to be learning from them, anyway?

Because you probably have a suspicion that once you learn the lesson…

You can stop creating the same circumstances in your life, over and over and over.

And over.

You’re absolutely right!

This is my favorite page on my whole, entire site. Because this is where I get to explain to you, exactly how I can help you!

Merry Wise, Spiritual Must
Me -n- Jaz

Because I’ve been through the wringer.

Life has wrung me out and hung me out to dry.

Just like it has you.

But I’ve learned to grab that tiger by the tail and make it conform to my reality. I’ve whipped that tiger into submission and I’ve learned a better way of living. A better way of life.

I’ve sailed the rough waters, nearly drown a few times, but I’ve sailed them. And made it out the other side. A little water-logged and very weary. But I’ve discovered the secret to taking each obstacle and discovering the beauty and the lesson in it.

Once you master that little skill, everything changes.

  • You rediscover your personal power.
  • You walk with your head held a little higher.
  • You discover your sense of self and,
  • An inner strength you never quite realized you had.

Once you get there, everything seems a little more sunshine-y. Even in the midst of the rain.

And in the rain…

You’ll also find a few roses.

Sunshine and roses. Could it get any better than that?

You’ll also find a few business resources. If what you’re craving is help in getting started with your online business, you can skip on down to my Business Offerings. Because these trainings are pretty cut and dry and don’t delve into the depths of the soul quite so much, I don’t require a Discovery Session before enlisting for duty with you.

To skip the Discovery Session, scroll down to see what I have on tap for you under Business Offerings.

A Discovery Session!

Don’t let the name fool you.

While my Discovery Sessions are designed to determine how I can best serve you by working with you on a longer-term basis, even if we choose not to work together (and it WILL be a joint, empowered decision), you’ll come away with:

  • A deeper sense of knowing what you want out of life
  • Knowing what’s holding you back (only in knowing, can you take steps to healing)
  • A few ideas on action you can take today to bring you a few steps closer to your dream life.

My mission in life is to help you realize just how strong you are, and motivate you to stop being a victim of life, and instead infuse you with confidence, so you can begin taking steps to creating the kind of life you want.

So either way, you have nothing to lose.

I offer a limited number of Discovery Sessions each month. Click here: book yours today!

Is Your Life BeMused?

BeMuse Your LifeBeMused is making a detour.

Originally designed for the spiritual business woman, BeMused is now preparing for a bright new purpose (and the graphics will be updated soon)

I’m excited to announce BeMused will now be for the Soul (and Sole) Purpose of giving you a 90 day preview of life with your muse. Tap into your creative muse with me and allow her to help you discover the secret desires of your heart.

Once you know your desires, we’ll brainstorm inspired action steps so you can have a Life Muse, rather than a Creative Muse who you call on only when you need inspiration in your craft.

In short, BeMused is all about helping you to lead an inspired life – not just for artists, but for Artisans and fellow (sister?) Connoisseurs of Life.

Caution: Highly Addictive

BeMused has not yet been released to the public. For more information, either sign on for updates by clicking here: I would love updates!  

Or for immediate gratification, contact me here: Contact Merry

Enlightenment 101:

Enlightenment 101Truly, Ambrosia of the gods

Enlightenment 101 was absolutely brought to you by The Divine.

I kept sensing I needed to reach higher and go bigger; then one day, it happened…

I woke up from a nap with the idea to create Enlightenment 101. In my frail humanity, I would never have named it this, nor would I have marketed it.

I procrastinated because I just couldn’t wrap my logical brain around it. Upon waking a few days later, I had a compelling urgency to get the information out there – and do it now! My Muse was done whispering. She was yelling.

Designed for the woman who seemingly has it all, but still feels as if there’s something missing, Enlightenment 101 is a premium mentoring package created to guide and support you for an entire year and it’s the only way to sign on with me for a year.

If you’re ready for a huge exploration where your life is filled with child-like wonder and spiritual healing, this is the one for you.

Enlightenment 101 is an exclusive program for the woman with discriminating taste.

It requires a significant commitment of finances and time. Since space is extremely limited, the only way to gain entrance is through a pre-session call. If you think this is your special blend of ambrosia (and if you do, most likely you’re right), click here for more details and to reserve your time with me:  Enlightened

Soul Biz SchoolSoul Biz: Corporate Reform SchoolTM

Coming your way in late Spring or Early Summer 2016!

Soul Biz will be the virtual (and automated, oh my) version of Soul Biz Express. If Soul Biz Express is a bit outside your budget at the moment, you’ll want to sign up for updates on my Corporate Reform School.

For more info on Soul Biz: Corporate Reform School TM, click here: Corporate Reform School

Soul Biz will be making its way to you early in 2016. Go to the Soul Biz page if you want to sign up and stay updated on this life-altering event. It’s gonna be awesome!

I’m Not Really Sure What I Need

But I know I need something and I think you might be the one to help.

I rarely do single sessions, but sometimes, there’s just no other way, is there?

If you can’t decide which of these programs or workshops are for you, but you know I’m “the one,” Contact Me to find out how to reserve a special single session with me.

While I’m not currently offering free sessions, any investment you make in this session will be credited to you in whichever program we ultimately decide to sign you up for. Click here: Contact Merry
ready for some help and guidance so you can design your life just the way you want it?

Yay- you’re in the right spot!

Here you’ll find a summary of my coaching and training programs, workbooks, workshops + retreats to drink in and imagine how your life will look wrapped in a blanket of support and compassionate guidance.


Brought to You by: Merry Wise

Your Spiritual Mentor, Business Visionary and Life Connoisseur!

Me and my sweet Jaz
Me and my sweet Jaz

You are smart, talented, brilliant and savvy.

How do I know?

Because you’re here. It’s my business to help bright, talented and savvy women, who feel like something is missing, to help them discover what ails them and then help them to heal.

I’m a Born Explorer and Alchemist. What I do is a little bit magical and a lot adventurous – sprinkled with a heavy dose of RockStar:

Bold + Unconventional + Creative.

Soul Discovery is my weapon of choice and one I will teach you to wield with power and intention. I have a gift for intuitively sensing the gold in you and then helping you to draw it to the surface; where you can be aware of it and revel in the beauty that is uniquely, magnificently YOU.

Surely you’ve heard by now…

Throughout the Land, there’s no one quite like you?

You are unique – from fingerprints, to DNA – to your soul.

You’re here for a reason; you have a mission to fulfill. Whether it’s slaying dragons or searching for the mighty unicorn, it’s your mission. Let me help you discover and embrace it so you can revel in the serenity that only comes from tapping into your Life Purpose.

Business and pleasure know no boundaries in my world. They are one and the same. The only difference is how you focus on the prize.

Below you’ll find the resources to discover the keys to your kingdom.

Let us begin…

Your Summary of Tools and Weapons

At Your Disposal for Creating the Life You Didn’t Quite Dare Dream of: 

How to Answer Your Soul Calling:

Get Clear on Your Purpose so You Can Create a Business that’s True to Your Heart (Designed to help you discover your mission in business and life)

How to Answer Your Soul Calling will help you do discover your Life Purpose and Mission. It is the answer to your prayers if:

  • Soul Calling 350You know you’re on this planet for a greater purpose, but you’re not sure what it could possibly be
  • You’re fearful of choosing the wrong thing, or…
  • You don’t see how you can possibly do just this one thing for the rest of your life (what if I told you it’s possible to blend your passions into a gorgeous landscape that is uniquely you?)

Specifically designed to guide you in discovering and defining your purpose while helping you to see how you can blend many of your passions into a lifestyle of delight.

Delivered up for you on the Golden Platter of your choosing:

  1. Soul Calling Workbook, and
  2. Soul Calling Workbook + Absolute Clarity Mentoring Session.

(Click on the links above for more details.)

Hop on Soul Biz Express!

soul biz express widgetWhen There’s No Other Option than Getting Your Business Online NOW! 

Once you know your Mission, you’ll be chomping at the bit to get things moving. If you’ve decided online business is your weapon of choice, Soul Biz Express is for you.

You’ll also love Soul Biz Express if you have a brick and mortar and have decided it’s time to step into the Land of Technology.

It consists of a 90 day intensive where I walk you through your first steps to creating a soul-fulfilling business.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What should be on your website
  • How to reflect yourself authentically so your ideal clients are drawn to you
  • Help in brainstorming your very first products
  • All of the technological jargon and how to implement it.

This really is frickin’ huge!

It took me years to put all of these pieces together in my own business and here you have the chance to pull them all together with ease and grace – all in one convenient, brilliantly wrapped package. You lucky dawg!

For more information, just click here: Sign me up for some Soul Biz Express!


No retreats on the agenda at the moment, but a Self-Discovery Retreat is in the works, where we’ll take 2 and a half days to discover exactly what is our Soul Desire and how to manifest it in our business. Stay tuned!

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Until then…

Here’s to clarity and hallelujah moments,