Release Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

If you feel more gagged + bound than blissful, it’s time to release your entrepreneurial spirit

Release your entrepreneurial spiritWorking for yourself is eminently more satisfying than working for someone else. Although at times, it seems the government is doing their part to dampen the entrepreneurial spirit of America, doesn’t it?


And don’t listen to these guys telling you “Work from home 20 hours a week and make millions of dollars.”

It can be done, but just like everything else, it takes effort. Not just putting in the hours – in fact, I don’t recommend putting your life on hold as an entrepreneur.

And that, in fact, may be the biggest challenge of all. There’s always something more that can be done.

And it’s fun! It’s exciting! It’s one of the most liberating feelings you’ll ever know.

In fact, I worked like a dog this past weekend:

  • Preparing the Entrepreneurial Quiz
  • Not finishing the in-depth report that is an optional accompaniment to the quiz
  • Studying headline writing
  • Learning more about personality types
  • Receiving writing tips
  • Asking better questions
  • Deciding being completely authentic in my business does not include posting pictures of me eating a bacon cheeseburger or guzzling wine with my bestie. (Which is good. Because I didn’t eat a cheeseburger *or* guzzle wine. And it’s a stupid idea anyway. Knowing that I eat cheeseburgers and guzzle wine does not help you to get to know me any better.)

Or does it?

Probably not, since I don’t actually “guzzle wine.” I have been known to sip it; but “guzzle” paints a much more lively picture, doesn’t it?

And I AM, if nothing else, lively.

The truth about creating a successful business + authenticity

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