3 Hot Time Management Tools & Techniques

The 3 Hottest Time Management Tools and Techniques I’ve Discovered This Week

HappyFaceonComputerKeyToday I’m going to share with you 3 awesome time management tools and techniques that have made leveraging my time and thus, dealing with work related stress in my life so much easier.

If you’re anything like me, you’re a victim of “Shiny Object Syndrome.”

Tell me this, how often do you have good intentions of getting your stuff done, and you know that you have to stay focused on your priorites, yet you keep coming across all this good information on the internet? Next thing you know, you have fourteen browser windows open, thinking you’ll get to them as soon as you finish the priorities on your to do list. Yet the end of the day comes and those fourteen tabs are still open.

Now what? One of the time management tools I’ve found is the perfect answer for that.

Or how about this…

You, like me, know that social networking is important for your business success, but you avoid it like the plague – because you know that once you get started…

Do I really need to fill in the blank here? You’ll find a time management tool and a few tips on time management with my #1 choice.

How about slow load times? Does your computer take forever to load in the morning? So you find yourself playing a quick game of computer Solitaire while you wait (that little trick is my kryptonite). And then another. And another. (Computer Solitaire should come with a cautionary statement: “Warning: this product is highly-addictive).

And the stress, dealing with stress that it causes…


If this sounds like you, then I have some tips on time management just for you. Oh yeah – and the Hot Tools. We can’t forget the Hot Tools!

Did I mention that all of these are free?

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