An Enchanting Week

Is your business enchanting? Are you?

Enchanting Superhero
Meet Amy, my enchanting superhero

Do you play enough in your business; do you imagine; do you get funky or are you all left-brained about your business and your life?

This week I was fortunate enough to get playful and imaginative while participating in the Enchant Challenge with Kris Katsuko Oster and it was ahhhh-mazing!

My final challenge is to write about my greatest transformation – and that is going to be very difficult to do. To just pick one that is.

I learned so much in just a few short days, but I think the biggest take-away for me was getting in touch with my shadow side and the realization that she’s not your typical shadow. For me, since the loss of my mom when I was just 18 years old, I think I learned to live comfortably in my shadow-self. What most of you would consider your shadow, was my living, walking, breathing experience for about 15 years.

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Dream Fulfillment at Any Age

Dream Fulfillment; Are You Too Old, Young, etc?

Susan Boyle - Dream Fulfillment at its best.
By Deborah Wilbanks (OTRS submission by Deborah Wilbanks) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
I’m going to curse here, so if you can’t handle it, cover your eyes. What I have to share today has left me saying… “Hhhhhoooollly s*%t!”

What you’ll see in the following video is nothing short of remarkable; made no less remarkable by the fact that – well, I’m not going to spoil it for you.

Tell me something; do you have a dream you’ve been longing to fulfill for pretty much as long as you can remember?

How’s that gone for you?

Next question: Have you ever seen Simon Cowell shocked?

My bet is not. Unless you’ve seen this video before now – which is entirely possible, since it actually occurred on what would have been my late grandmother’s birthday – four years ago.

Without further ado…

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