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Business Wise, Soul Rich
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Business Wise, Soul Rich is my gift to you and includes 3 exercises I created exclusively for you + a Facebook Group where you can receive my feedback and support.

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Here’s what you’ll get:

Soul Seduction: A Deeper Exploration of How You Shine (and how this helps your ideal clients to find you);

The Sweet Spot: Where Passion Meets Success (discover your Soul Purpose + how to meld your passion(s) into one luscious Business Love-Fest);

Wild + Wealthy Business (drink in one luxuriously simple tip that will Banish Business Blahs forever.)

I know you’re busy, so I’ve distilled the exercises down to three short and gratifying, but deep lessons that won’t consume a ton of your time. In fact, you should be able to complete the lessons in 30 minutes or less.

But don’t let that fool you; one thing they won’t be light on, is a deeper discovery of you and unveiling the message you’re here to contribute through your business. It will all become much more unclouded for you – and clarity is priceless when it comes to releasing your business struggle.

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There are No Rules

There are no rules in online business: except this – Be True to Your Soul.

Everything else should be approached as a friendly suggestion.

You’ll hear me talk about creating a business that speaks to your soul, but what do I mean by this?

What I mean is this:

I don’t want you to create a business based on what everyone else is saying you should do. Build a business that satisfies nobody but you and in so doing, you will also create an authentic business that speaks to the people you’re here to help.

No Rules HeaderI’ve been on this train of thought for some time now, but since I started speaking out about it; I’ve gained greater clarity and a frenzy of confirmation.

I’m going to share a few examples (for those of you to whom this is all Techno-Geek, bear with me. I’ll highlight the jargon and explain it all as we go along.)

Here are some examples of the “rules” I’ve tried to follow that have done nothing more than hold me back and leave me struggling in business:

  1. People have short attention spans, so keep your blog posts short;
  2. Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”)  is dead;
  3. You have to focus on SEO, it’s the only way you’ll ever be found by the search engines;
  4. Write your headline first;
  5. Your domain name should contain a keyword, and:
  6. Don’t talk about yourself. Your readers don’t care about you other than to the extent you solve their problems.

While none of these is inherently wrong and in fact all are valid in their own way, they are also rules that have at times hindered my business more than they’ve helped it.

This is why I say: “throw all this shit out and create a business that’s true to you.”

Stick with me, I’m about to explain.

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Your Life Purpose | Doing it for Love

Are you doing it for love, or doing it for money? Why you can’t do both and still fulfill your Life Purpose.Life Purpose Doing it for Love or Money

Why can’t I do both, you’re asking?

You can do both, but tell me how that felt to you when you read it.

Was your reaction:

Whhaaaat? Why can’t I? This chick’s full of it!

Or was it more like,

“Yep. I knew it – I can’t have it both ways.”

In answer to your next question, “No. I’m not talking about pimping yourself out, but pimpin’ may play into it.”

Let’s tell a pimp story.

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Free Business Tools to Ease Stress in Business

free business tools
Making your life easier with free business tools.

There’s a lot to running an online business. By now, you may know I’m pretty much completely non-conformist. I have been since I was about two.

I don’t expect it to change anytime soon.

One thing I really hate is SEO. It rains on my parade and just generally pisses me off. (For those who are asking yourself, “Wtf is SEO?” Stick with me – I’ll explain later in this post).

That being said, it IS a necessary evil; I just choose to focus on it a little differently than others. But that’s a post for another day. For now, I hope you’ll agree with me that…

Free business tools rock – even if they are designed around SEO. In fact, that might even make them better.

That’s what I’m sharing here today (I’m so excited)!

Seriously, I never thought there would come a day when I would actually be excited about a tool that helps me with SEO, but mark your calendars, folks; today’s the day.

What this fancy little business tool of all business tools is…

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Business Planning the Easy Way

How to Take the Pain Out of Business Planning

Business Planning the Easy WayOne of my Entrepreneurial Heroes, Ash Ambirge, has taken a stand.

She says that the terms “Juicy” and “Sexy” are outta here.

I’m not so sure I agree with her. Juicy.

Really think about it. Does it make your mouth water?

On the other hand, I don’t want you running to the refrigerator for something to eat right now.

Maybe she has a point.

Do you find yourself just finally following along when you read shit like this, though?

If so, cool. Stick around. You’re my kinda’ girl.

All kidding aside…

There was a time in my business – not so long ago – when I would have just said,

“Oh damn. I have to do what the “Expert” tells me.

Don’t do that. Put some thought into it.

Does it work for you?

If so, then go ahead and juicy and sexy yourself to death and let Ash Ambirge be damned.

(I’m such a rebel).

But there’s so much more to it than that. I think some people call it “innovation” and “thinking outside the box.” (See what getting to know myself Soul Deep has done for me?

Because I can. (One of my all-time favorite answers to many, many different kinds of questions. You should try it sometime. It’s liberating.)

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Business Accountability and Abundance Mindset

Want to Create Explosive Biz Success?

Business Acountability

Tap into Abundance and Mix Liberally with Business Accountability.

You might be wondering how business accountability and abundance mindset relate. In this post I’ll reveal all. In addition, we’ll explore how you can benefit the most from using the site.

First let’s discuss two indicators that you might be struggling with lack. Here’s a hint:

An abundance mindset doesn’t just have to do with money – the other symptom indicative of lack may surprise you.

What is this other symptom?

Lack of time.

That’s right, if you have more month left at the end of your paycheck, OR…

You’re constantly wondering how the day went so fast, it’s indicative of lack and scarcity.

It makes perfect sense when you think about it, doesn’t it?

Then the question becomes, what to do about it?

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