Business Planning the Easy Way

How to Take the Pain Out of Business Planning

Business Planning the Easy WayOne of my Entrepreneurial Heroes, Ash Ambirge, has taken a stand.

She says that the terms “Juicy” and “Sexy” are outta here.

I’m not so sure I agree with her. Juicy.

Really think about it. Does it make your mouth water?

On the other hand, I don’t want you running to the refrigerator for something to eat right now.

Maybe she has a point.

Do you find yourself just finally following along when you read shit like this, though?

If so, cool. Stick around. You’re my kinda’ girl.

All kidding aside…

There was a time in my business – not so long ago – when I would have just said,

“Oh damn. I have to do what the “Expert” tells me.

Don’t do that. Put some thought into it.

Does it work for you?

If so, then go ahead and juicy and sexy yourself to death and let Ash Ambirge be damned.

(I’m such a rebel).

But there’s so much more to it than that. I think some people call it “innovation” and “thinking outside the box.” (See what getting to know myself Soul Deep has done for me?

Because I can. (One of my all-time favorite answers to many, many different kinds of questions. You should try it sometime. It’s liberating.)

Your Business, Your Way

You see, after many years of business heartache, I finally landed on the ultimate secret to experiencing business success (whatever that looks like for you.) For me, it looks like me:

  • Easy Business Planninghaving a supremely good time
  • fulfilling my calling of helping people
  • getting paid to help people with their businesses.

What it all comes down to?

Knowing yourself soul deep. Knowing yourself in a way that leads you to…

  • ultimate clarity about why you’re here,
  • why you do what you do, and
  • even how you can combine a few passions into a single business entity…

That feels more heavenly that biting into a cold piece of luscious pink watermelon on a scorching July day.

And as for Business Planning…

Unless you’re looking for funding, in which case you have to feel out those ever-so-dreadful forms that ask you to pull a crystal ball out of your arse so you can project what you might be doing five years from now…

Oy! I used to so hate those.

The funny thing I’m realizing right now, is that I could do that so friggin’ easily now that I’ve gotten to know myself in a deeper and more meaningful way.

  • I’m not perfect.
  • I’m not narcissistic.
  • I don’t even have ALL of the answers.

But you know what?

I show myself some love anyway.

I’m not even nice all of the time. *Sigh.*

But I’m ok with that, too.

Business Planning is something I actually look forward to these days.

I think I could even pull off one of those dreaded long-term plans for funding.

Because I know what I’m about.

How did I get there?

I discovered the best way to plan my business is to tap into my creativity and rather than twist my brain around in so many knots that it begins to look like some sort of circus performer. Instead, I allow the answers to flow to me.


By sitting down with a notebook, asking myself a question, such as:

  • How can I…
  • What could I…
  • What if I…

And then I just write away – any little thought that pops into my head, goes down on paper.

And you know what?

If you saw the stuff that pops out of my brain when I do that, you would think I’m some kind of genius.

The answer surprise me more often than not.

It’s truly glorious.

I highly recommend it.

So the next time you’re asking yourself,

“Why don’t I have any clients?”

Try instead…

“How can I get more clients?”

The more specific you are, the better (as in, “How can I get 2 more clients for my Soul Biz Express program?”)

Then let the answers come to you.

And you will see, like me…

That indeed, Business Planning can be Sexy!

Do you have any innovative approaches to business planning? If so, please share them with us in the comments below (I’m happy to announce rather than having to fill in your name, email address, etc., you can now log in using your profile from Facebook, Google+ or Disqus. Or you can use the default and type in your name, email address, etc. Your call. Pretty cool shit, right?)

Will you be trying some sexy business planning? If so, let me know your epiphanies and aha moments.

Yours in Business Sexiness,


I’m Merry Wise, Life Coach, Future Master Life Coach, Business Brainiac and Wealth Fanatic.


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