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Business Acountability

Tap into Abundance and Mix Liberally with Business Accountability.

You might be wondering how business accountability and abundance mindset relate. In this post I’ll reveal all. In addition, we’ll explore how you can benefit the most from using the site.

First let’s discuss two indicators that you might be struggling with lack. Here’s a hint:

An abundance mindset doesn’t just have to do with money – the other symptom indicative of lack may surprise you.

What is this other symptom?

Lack of time.

That’s right, if you have more month left at the end of your paycheck, OR…

You’re constantly wondering how the day went so fast, it’s indicative of lack and scarcity.

It makes perfect sense when you think about it, doesn’t it?

Then the question becomes, what to do about it?

When You Combine Business Accountability and Abundance Mindset You Create Something Magical.

You come up with something much more luscious than you have with either of them alone.

Here’s why…

A few of the lesser known benefits of an Abundance Mindset are:

  • Confidence
  • Awareness
  • Action

Quite simply, with Business Accountability…

You get s*&t done.

Let me explain the benefits of an Abundant Mindset first.

Confidence. When you begin embracing Abundance, you begin to believe in yourself; you begin to believe in the power of your gifts. Perhaps most importantly, you begin to love your inner essence and see it in a way you had never seen it before. You begin to…

Acknowledge Your Awesomeness. Once you can acknowledge your awesomeness, you can let go of all of the “I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging b.s.” It’s not about you. It’s about the fact that you are incredibly gifted and talented in ways that no one else is who is existing on the planet today. Stepping up into all of your glorious gloriousness is a tough job – but it’s your duty. Stop wasting your gifts. Stop being selfish. You were given your talents for a reason and it wasn’t to sit with them in your little dark room, all by yourself, where only you can behold their beauty. Knock off the Southern Belle, “It wouldn’t be proper” attitude and own up. You + your gifts and talents = Awesomeness Incarnate. Own it!

Awareness. Once you really begin to understand how beautifully gifted and talented you are and to own your awesomeness, you begin to see that anything is possible. You begin to discover opportunities to fulfill your calling and your duty. Fulfilling that little nagging urge inside of you is within your reach and since you now have confidence in your abilities, you can…

Act on those opportunities.

You might have noticed as time goes on that little nagging begins to become more of a raging inferno, burning you up inside and demanding to be loosed on the world at large. Allow it. Your dream of Bigger and Better was not given you to torment you. If you desire it; it’s because it was meant for you in this lifetime. Go get it!

Business Accountability and Abundance MindsetThe Abundance Mindset is Pretty Powerful in Itself. Now What Happens When You Combine it with Business Accountability?

In a word…


Once you begin to see the world as what it is – full of possibilities – and start to believe you can have life exactly as you want it, you’ll begin encountering opportunities to fulfill that dream at every turn. Throw in a little accountability and you get a whole lot of action to continue drawing the goodness in to you.

You Begin to Attract Things into Your Life Just the Way You Want Them

Life becomes richer, more joyful and fulfilling than you could ever imagine.

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Yours in Abundance,

Business Accountability and Abundant Life Coach



Business Accountability and Abundance Coach


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