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How to Create Happy, Sexy, Magical Life + Dreamy Business

People sometimes call me a Magic Mirror. Not because I believe in unicorns, fairies and Happily Ever After, but because I help them to realize a Happy Sexy Magical Life really is possible, AND…

You CAN create a dreamy business. You can create anything your heart desires.

Our dreams are a thing of beauty; they’re our road map to lusciousness, but too many of us have given up on our dreams.

I help people to BELIEVE in the magic of their dreams; and then MAKE it happen.

I also help to heal your relationship with money so you can co-create with it in a way that feels great for you and your business.

Don’t Ever Stop Dreaming

Many of us give up on believing things can be better, because it never seems to happen. We stop dreaming because we don’t believe that it will do us any good anyway.

We feel called to serve, but we have no idea how to make it happen or how we could possibly even be qualified to do so. 

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You look at your soul in the mirror of life and see a warped image of yourself; you see warts and horns and life wounds.

You fail to see how it’s just these life wounds that make you uniquely qualified to help others.

It’s all about alchemy – being put through the fire so you become pure gold. Don’t discount your brilliance.

Think of it this way: If you never had to overcome obstacles, how could you possibly help others to overcome theirs?

You have a message to share; why aren’t you doing it?

What would people think?

What if you fail?

I Believe in Happily Ever After

Reach deep into yourself and answer me this…

What is your heart’s desire?

It’s there, just begging for you to pay attention to it – and it won’t stop until you pay it heed.

That heart’s desire is your ticket to Happily Ever After.

Not the kind of fairy tale happiness where someone else makes you happy, but the best kind of Happily Ever After… The kind that comes from finally fulfilling your Life Purpose and Your Soul’s Calling.

I’m Merry Wise, Prosperity, Productivity and Business Accountability Coach

Business coach, accountability coach, prosperity coachI work with spiritual healers, service providers and coaches to help them step into their calling in a magical way. To awaken their Sleeping Beauty (their Inner Dreamer) by awakening to their Life Calling and stepping into their purpose.

Not the kind of dreaming that fantasizes about how things could be, but the kind of dreaming that taps into your Inner Knowing and points you in the direction of how your life and business are REALLY meant to look.

I’m not your traditional, do everything by the rules and put everything in the perfect little box kind of business coach.

  • What if business can be fun?
  • What if it doesn’t have to feel like a struggle?
  • What if there are no “hard and fast rules?”

What if you can tap into your Inner Muse to create EXACTLY the kind of life and business that works for you?

I can help you do it.

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Let’s Embark on this Happy, Sexy, Magical Life Journey Together!

And create a dreamy business just for you.

Get started with a Create the Dream Clarity Session.

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